Sengoku Asuka ZERO Wiki

Realm of Souls warriors have access to a special area for unique materials once you reach level 55+ and Ascendable Warriors can increase their ★ level (5★ -> 6★ or 6★ -> 7★).

Please see Tier List for more information.

2★ Warriors[]

Image Title Name Rarity Element Weapon EX skill Fixed skill Realm of Souls Ascendable Can Be Obtained By
Hori Hidemasa small.png Hori Hidemasa ☆☆ Fire.png Strike.png
Nakagawa Hidemasa small.png Nakagawa Hidemasa ☆☆ Fire.png Pierce.png
Fōma Kotarō small.png (Clan Head) Fūma Kotarō ☆☆ Fire.png Thrown.png
Ichijō Nobutatsu small.png Ichijō Nobutatsu ☆☆ Fire.png Gun.png
Kuroda Kanbei small.png Kuroda Kanbei ☆☆ Water.png Slash.png
Kōsaka Jinnai small.png Kōsaka Jinnai ☆☆ Water.png Thrown.png
Takayama Ukon small.png Takayama Ukon ☆☆ Water.png Bow.png
Kinoshita Tōkichirō small.png Kinoshita Tōkichirō ☆☆ Water.png Gun.png
Sengo Muramasa blade small.png (Demon Blade) Sengo Muramasa ☆☆ Wood.png Slash.png
Fukushima Masanori small.png Fukushima Masanori ☆☆ Wood.png Pierce.png
Shizuka Gozen small.png (Shirabyōshi) Shizuka Gozen ☆☆ Wood.png Bow.png
Kōno Michinao small.png Kōno Michinao ☆☆ Wood.png Gun.png
Taira-no-Kiyomori 2 small.png Taira-no-Kiyomori ☆☆ Light.png Slash.png
Miyoshi Seikai 2 small.png Miyoshi Seikai ☆☆ Light.png Strike.png
Izumo-no-Okuni small.png (Kabuki Saint) Izumo-no-Okuni ☆☆ Light.png Pierce.png
Mōri Motonari small.png Mōri Motonari ☆☆ Light.png Bow.png
Kōsaka Masanobu small.png Kōsaka Masanobu ☆☆ Dark.png Slash.png
Matsuo Bashō poet small.png (Saint-Poet) Matsuo Bashō ☆☆ Dark.png Strike.png
Oichi-no-Kata small.png Oichi-no-Kata ☆☆ Dark.png Pierce.png
Sogō Kazumasa small.png Sogō Kazumasa ☆☆ Dark.png Thrown.png