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Realm of Souls warriors have access to a special area for unique materials once you reach level 55+ and Ascendable Warriors can increase their ★ level (5★ -> 6★ or 6★ -> 7★).

If you are looking for a way to check and keep track of what warriors you currently own then please use the NEW Collection Tracker!

Please see Tier List for more information.

3★ Warriors[]

Image Title Name Rarity Element Weapon EX skill Fixed skill Realm of Souls Ascendable Can Be Obtained By
Katō Danzō small.png (Flying Shinobi) Katō Danzō ☆☆☆ Fire.png Slash.png Katon: Fire Spit Firefall
Shimazu Toyohisa 3 small.png Shimazu Toyohisa ☆☆☆ Fire.png Slash.png Fire Swathe Blaze
Tobai-in small.png (Invincible Wife) Tobai-in ☆☆☆ Fire.png Strike.png Delicious Dish Support
Niwa Nagahide small.png (Onigorō) Niwa Nagahide ☆☆☆ Fire.png Thrown.png Breaker Fist Cross Grenade
Yoshitsune ushiwakamaru small.png (Ushiwakamaru) Yoshitsune ☆☆☆ Fire.png Bow.png Shana Arrow Ushiwaka's Dance
Nezu Jinpachi small.png (Water Shinobi) Nezu Jinpachi ☆☆☆ Water.png Slash.png Suiton: Whirlpool Aquatic Regiment
Shimazu Yoshihisa small.png (Hero of Kyushu) Shimazu Yoshihisa ☆☆☆ Water.png Strike.png Waterfall Split Prey On The Weak
Kuki Yoshitaka small.png (Great Pirate) Kuki Yoshitaka ☆☆☆ Water.png Pierce.png Pillage Pirate's Pride
Kamono Akimasa small.png (Onmyōji) Kamono Akimasa ☆☆☆ Water.png Thrown.png Muffle Posession
Hanabusa Masayoshi small.png (Sniper Shot) Hanabusa Masayoshi ☆☆☆ Water.png Bow.png Piercing Arrow Break Arrow
Ishikawa Goemon chivalrous small.png (Chivalrous) Ishikawa Goemon ☆☆☆ Water.png Gun.png Throw Change Heart Steal
Ōoka Echizen small.png (Magistrate) Ōoka Echizen ☆☆☆ Wood.png Slash.png Fair Sentence City Tour
Namazue Mataichirō small.png (Sumō Fan) Namazue Mataichirō ☆☆☆ Wood.png Strike.png Wind Strike Sumo Shove
(Storm Lion) Hōjō Ujiyasu small.png (Storm Lion) Hōjō Ujiyasu ☆☆☆ Wood.png Pierce.png Turtle of Sagami Natural Disorder
Kirigakure Saizo 3 small.png Kirigakure Saizō ☆☆☆ Wood.png Thrown.png Fūton Dark Vessel
(Kamaitachi) Yuri Kamanosuke small.png (Kamaitachi) Yuri Kamanosuke ☆☆☆ Wood.png Thrown.png Kamaitachi Spiral
Nasu-no-Yoichi small.png (Keeneye) Nasu-no-Yoichi ☆☆☆ Wood.png Bow.png Guided Arrow Fan Flap
Yamanaka Shikanosuke small.png (Scarlet Oni) Yamanaka Shikanosuke ☆☆☆ Wood.png Bow.png Falconfell Arrow Hillside Prodigy
Tokugawa Mitsukuni small.png (Historian) Tokugawa Mitsukuni ☆☆☆ Wood.png Gun.png Tokugawa Dragon Retirement
Kaihime small.png (Lady of War) Kaihime ☆☆☆ Light.png Slash.png War Dance Cross Spear
Sakai Tadatsugu small.png (Divine General) Sakai Tadatsugu ☆☆☆ Light.png Strike.png Light Strike Clairvoyance
Maeda Toshiie 3 small.png Maeda Toshiie ☆☆☆ Light.png Pierce.png Dragon Dive Big Swing
Masaki Tokishige small.png (Spearbeak) Masaki Tokishige ☆☆☆ Light.png Pierce.png Sun Barrage Firefly
Sarutobi Sasuke jutsu small.png (War Jutsu) Sarutobi Sasuke ☆☆☆ Light.png Thrown.png Ninjutsu: Shadowrun Kōga Shuriken
Tamahime small.png (Pearl) Tamahime ☆☆☆ Light.png Bow.png Sundance Have This Dance
Suzuki Shigehide​ small.png Suzuki Shigehide​ ☆☆☆ Light.png Gun.png Targeting Vulcan Cannon
Kakizaki Kageie small.png (Fleetfoot) Kakizaki Kageie ☆☆☆ Dark.png Slash.png Fleet High Seas
Ukita Hideie small.png (Vampire) Ukita Hideie ☆☆☆ Dark.png Strike.png Soul Siphon Leech
Fukushima Masanori berserker small.png (Berserker) Fukushima Masanori ☆☆☆ Dark.png Pierce.png Moon Pierce Wild Gore
Momochi Tanba shinobi small.png (Rebel Shinobi) Momochi Tanba ☆☆☆ Dark.png Thrown.png Ninjutsu: Raiden Corner Lock
Momochi Sandayō small.png (Soft Shinobi) Momochi Sandayū ☆☆☆ Dark.png Bow.png Assassinate Sneak Spy
Amakusa Tokisada small.png (Martyr) Amakusa Tokisada ☆☆☆ Dark.png Gun.png Child of God Sobbed Question