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Why does the Realm of Souls Area say Coming soon?[]

levels that say Coming soon are currently being worked on and will be released at a later date. Please keep a eye on our social media for all of our Realm of Souls announcements.
Warriors with Coming soon areas can be Awakened (The same as getting a duplicate from the Recruit screen) with the levels that is currently open with out the need of 5★ Sake which very few units can do currently!
This will let you get skill scrolls and power the unit up!

Ascension unit events[]


Unlocked at lvl 55, there will occasionally be some limited-time events with an “ascendable” unit. Note that not all units are “fully” ascendable. As of 2018 in the JP version, only around 10 units are fully ascendable (and I haven't seen new ones in a *long* time). :These often come unannounced and occur in parallel with another event, so you need to save up quite a few stamina in your giftbox. It takes 25000 medals to exchange for the unit, and it’s really only efficient to do so at the 2nd difficulty, but try your best. Especially Otomo Sorin, who is an incredibly powerful sun slasher once fully ascended.
These battles have lots of restrictions, which change daily. The first difficulty restricts types/class and is fairly easy, but gives a medal:stamina ratio of only about 100:25. The 2nd difficulty has restricted debuffs, is really hard, and gives a medal:stamina ratio of about 500:50. This is why you need to train up a large arsenal of units.
After you get the first unit, further medals will mainly be used to exchange for the special materials for forging weapons of ascended units. Max awakening an ascension weapon is a *very slow* process. I’m not sure if anyone has a maxed out ascension weapon.
Free ascension units do not have awakened abilities, but at least all ascension weapons give their owners unique abilities. Because of this, it’s a good idea to keep the ascended weapon permanently in one of the weapon slots, but this also means you’ll need to forge an extra copy with which to train weapon mastery for other units. Forging one extra copy is *hard*. For 6★ weapons, you get up to 3 mats per event, but it takes 5 to forge 1 weapon. Ascending a unit provides a one-time bonus of enough mats to forge 1 weapon. Not sure about 7★ star get up to 1 per event, and I would guess it’s 3 mats to forge.
Due to the difficulty, ascension medals are carried over to the next event.

Final Ascension FAQ[]

Q: When a 5★ warrior Ascends to a 6★, what happens to her Awakening levels?
A: Awakening levels are retained. A 5★ warrior at +30 will become a 6★ warrior at +30.
Q: Is there any benefit gained from Ascending a warrior at higher Awakening levels?
A: No. Awakening has no effect on Ascension.
Q: What happens if you obtain another copy of a 5★ warrior after Ascending her to 6★?
A: Just the same as when she was a 5★, her Awakening level will rise by 1 to the cap of 30, and you may receive a scroll.
Q: Do warriors Ascended to 6★ require 6★ Sacred Sake?
A: No, 5★ warriors that have been Ascended to 6★ can still use 5★ Sacred Sake.

List of Ascendable Warriors[]

Image Name Rarity Element Weapon EX skill Fixed skill Realm of Souls Ascendable Can Be Obtained By
Sanada Yukimura small Asc.png (Ever Loyal) Sanada Yukimura ☆☆☆☆☆☆ Fire.png Slash.png Kagutsuchi Six Soul
Tokugawa Yoshimune small Asc.png (Rice Shōgun) Tokugawa Yoshimune ☆☆☆☆☆ Fire.png Gun.png Rocking Horse Ride Curiosity
Honda Tadakatsu small Asc.png (The Strongest) Honda Tadakatsu ☆☆☆☆☆☆ Water.png Pierce.png Skypiercer Thunder Pulse
(Bloodwind) Yagyū Sekishūsai small Asc.png (Bloodwind) Yagyū Sekishūsai ☆☆☆☆☆☆ Light.png Slash.png Return From Yomi Blade Reversal
(Kensei) Tsukahara Bokuden small Asc.png (Kensei) Tsukahara Bokuden ☆☆☆☆☆☆ Wood.png Slash.png Finishing Touch Kensei
Imagawa Yoshimoto shot small Asc.png (Tōkaidō Shot) Imagawa Yoshimoto ☆☆☆☆☆ Water.png Bow.png Left Side Of The World Dead Spin Shoot
Hattori Hanzō small Asc.png (Imperial Spy) Hattori Hanzō ☆☆☆☆☆ Wood.png Thrown.png Pride of the Heir Rolling Stone
Ōtomo Sōrin small Asc.png (Queen of Bungo) ōtomo Sōrin ☆☆☆☆☆ Light.png Slash.png Daruma Smash Heaven's Prayer
Shibata Katsuie small Asc.png (Warflower) Shibata Katsuie ☆☆☆☆☆ Light.png Strike.png Glassbreaker Shiba Fist Oni Flow
Kichō small Asc.png (Viper Blade) Kichō ☆☆☆☆☆☆ Dark.png Gun.png Butterfly Dance Alluring Vision

List of Realm of Souls Warriors[]