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Missions in Sengoku Asuka ZERO are various tasks, goals, and milestones which provide awards on completion.

Daily missions[]

Mission Rewards
Fight 5 Battles Coins x5000
Fight 10 Battles Supplies x40
Fight 20 Battles EXP x100
Fight 1 Duel Supplies x40
Fight 3 Duel EXP x100
Join 1 Raid Coins x5000
Join 3 Raid Supplies x40
Send 10 Gifts Supplies x40
Recruit 3 Warriors Coins x5000
Forge 1 Weapon Coins x5000
Fight 3 Hard Battles Supplies x40
Train Warrior 3 Levels Supplies x40
Fight 1 Siege Supplies x40
Fight 2 Sieges EXP x100
Praise 10 Times Coins x5000
Praise 100 Times Supplies x40

Normal missions[]

Mission Rewards
Yuri Mission 1 - Clear 10 Battles Supplies x30
Yuri Mission 2 - Clear 3 Hard Battles Supplies x30
Yuri Mission 3 - Reach Regent Lv 10 Orbs x5
Yuri Mission 5 - Send 10 Gifts Supplies x30
Yuri Mission 6 - Train a Warrior to Level 10 Supplies x30
Yuri Mission 7 - Clear Daily Dungeon x3 Supplies x30
Yuri Mission 8 - Clear Daily Gold Area x3 Supplies x30
Yuri Mission 9 - Clear Chapter 2, Story 4 Orbs x5
Clear Yuri Missions 1 to 9 [Bladed Breeze] Yuri Kamanosuke
Regent Lv 10 Orbs x5
1 Ally Orbs x5
30 Warriors Orbs x5
Edit your Status in player profile Orbs x5
Clear Siege x1 Orbs x5
Ambushed by Dark General Akechi x5 Dark Orb x2
Ambushed by Dark General Hisahide x5 Water Orb x2
Ambushed by Dark General Mizuchi x5 Wood Orb x2

Event missions[]

Event missions change with the current events.