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The Duel Area of Sengoku Asuka ZERO is where Regent vs Regent happens. Every Regent has only three Duel chances per day and refreshes at 11:00 a.m AEST.

In Duels, you choose from a list of Regents on a ranking ladder that are available to fight. After selection, you will then chose 5 warriors of your roster to pit against the chosen Regent's defense team in normal combat. In addition, you may choose a defense team. This team represents your team that other Regents will fight if they choose to duel you.

Keep in mind, all teams will only have weapons that are CURRENTLY equipped to them. There are no option to auto equip and thus prepare carefully before you engage in combat.

Combat differs from normal stage combat in that everyone in your team starts off the combat with their EX half filled allowing for EX to happen early than normal. In addition the time limit for the combat is reduced to 2 minutes. The combat ends when one team is defeated.

If you win the combat you exchange positions. There are cases in which if an opponent fights you at the same time as you are fighting someone else, the exchange of position is then based on which combat has ended first.

For example, if you duel Opponent A and Opponent B duels you at the same time, if you win your duel first and then Opponent B wins their duel against you. You will first exchange your position with Opponent A then exchange with Opponent B resulting in Opponent B having a higher rank as they climbed upon your win.


Rewards and results are tallied daily at 7:00 a.m AEST. Rewards are tiered and based on your ranking. These rewards are sent to your Presents tab.

Reward Tiers
Rank Orbs R.EXP Gold Coins Duel Coins Additional Awards
1 50 Orb.png 1200 EXP.png 100000 Coins.png 1750 Duel Medal.png White Flower on Portrait
2 40 Orb.png 1150 EXP.png 90000 Coins.png 1700 Duel Medal.png
3 30 Orb.png 1100 EXP.png 80000 Coins.png 1650 Duel Medal.png
4 20? Orb.png 1050 EXP.png 70000 Coins.png 1600 Duel Medal.png
5 15? Orb.png 1000 EXP.png 60000 Coins.png 1550 Duel Medal.png
6-10 10 Orb.png 950 EXP.png 50000 Coins.png 1500 Duel Medal.png
11-20 ? Orb.png ? EXP.png 45000 Coins.png 1450 Duel Medal.png
21-40 5 Orb.png 900 EXP.png 40000 Coins.png 1400 Duel Medal.png
41-60 5 Orb.png 900 EXP.png 35000 Coins.png 1350 Duel Medal.png
61-80 5 Orb.png 800 EXP.png 32000 Coins.png 1300 Duel Medal.png

Lastly, all defenders of duels receive a 50 Duel Coin Duel Medal.png reward for defense in duel regardless of outcome. Duel coins Duel Medal.png are currency that you are able to spend in the Trader menu to exchange for great rewards including units, Patrol tickets, Skill books and other useful things.

Additional Notes[]

Unlike raids and normal story battles, this mode cannot be restart-scum. If you close the program or close the app, it is registered as an immediate loss.