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Combat in Sengoku Asuka ZERO is mostly real-time and takes place mostly automatically, but the regent does play some role.

EX skills[]

Every warrior has their own EX skill and an EX gauge that fills as a battle progresses. Once filled, the regent can order a warrior to immediately execute her EX skill by tapping her panel in the lower right. During performance of an EX skill, all other action in the battle ceases until execution is complete.


An EX skill can be enhanced by turning it into a combo. Executing a combo is then as simple as activating an EX skill and then quickly tapping the panel of one or more other warriors who have a full EX gauge.

Elemental Affiliation[]

All warriors belong to a specific element: Fire, Water, Wood, Light or Dark.

SAZ Elements

Each element deals more damage to one element and receives reduced damage from the another.

Fire is strong against Wood but weak to Water. Water is strong against Fire but weak to Wood. Wood is strong against Water but weak to Fire. Light and Dark deal increased damage to each other.

If the damage of an attack is fixed, there will be no increase or reduction (regardless of elemental affiliation).


There are a number of status conditions that warriors and their foes may be afflicted with:

Sengoku Asuka Zero Buffs

  • Death: Kills player.
  • Numb: Has a probability of preventing attacks.
  • Silence: Disables EX skills.
  • Stone: Incapacitated for a fixed time. Attacks do not relieve the condition.
  • Confuse: Causes victims to attack either friend or foe randomly.
  • Sleep: Incapacitated for a fixed time or until attacked.
  • Bless: Continuous HP regeneration.
  • Resolve: Claws back from the brink of death.
  • Charm: Causes victim to attack allies and prevents use of skills or EX skills.
  • Burn: Causes continuous damage.
  • Poison: Causes continuous damage.
  • Toxin: Causes heavy continuous damage.
  • Clone: Creates a copy of affected individual.
  • Ghost: Complete invisibility.
  • Elated: EX gauge fills more quickly.
  • Gloom: EX gauge fills more slowly.
  • Curse: Healing instead inflicts damage.

Buffs and debuffs[]

  • A purple shield indicates the associated damage type will be absorbed.
  • A blue shield indicates increased resistance to the associated damage type.
  • A yellow shield indicates immunity to the associated damage type.
  • A green plus sign indicates the associated status or debuff has been healed.
  • A red X sign indicates the associated buff has been removed.