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"Uesugi Kenshin"
(Wargoddess) Uesugi Kenshin 0.png
Title Wargoddess
Rarity ☆☆☆☆
Element Light
Weapon Pierce

(Wargoddess) Uesugi Kenshin is a warrior in Sengoku Asuka ZERO.



A legendary commander and warrior known as the God of War, and lifelong rival to Takeda Shingen. She is a devotee of the war goddess Bishamonten, and uses the 'Bi' character on her war banners. After a fierce battle, she likes to relax by herself with a bottle of fine plum sake and gaze at the moon. The fuller the moon, the more in her bottle.

EX Skill - I[]

Bishamon Strike I: Damage nearby foes

EX Skill - IV[]

Bishamon Strike IV: DMG II to nearby foes

Fixed skill[]

Wargoddess: Raise ATK and SPD for self

Awakening Skill[]


・Chance to hit all foes on attack  (Unlocks at Awakening +5)

・ATK Up: Med  (Unlocks at Awakening +25)

・All Guard: 3x  (Unlocks at Awakening +45)


Max ~ 500[]

You can increase up to 500 by using Topaz Gems.

Lesser Topaz.png Topaz.png Magnificent Topaz.png


Image Name Rarity Type ATK DEF Spec Master Obtained Trait

No Weapon